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Sexual Escapades

of a Dead MAN

      Finding a reason to live is as vital as the air you breathe. That one thing that gets you out of bed in the mornings and lets you rest easy through the nights. We all fight for it. We long for it, and while some will go a lifetime without ever finding it, a select few of us will. But sometimes it’s better to never know. Sometimes the pursuit of happiness can only end with disastrous consequences. Damien was charged with murder of the highest degree and was sentence is death. He had been labeled as a cop killer but his journals tell a different story. Having found love and lost, Damien spent years pursuing Britney. She was the love of his life, who always seemed to be just outside his hand’s reach. He continued his pursuit only to find himself as a prisoner on death row. Unable to escape his reality, Damien began to write what he called, “My Truths”. Within these pages lives the final worlds of a dead man. His final thoughts and beliefs. Relive his life and witness the untold story of Damien Carter.

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