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Willie L. Sheard

I was born and raised in the small town of Gifford, FL along with my mother and her parents, aunts, uncles and many cousins. Our house was small, but what it lacked in space we made up with love. It was the only place I have yet to truly call home. As I grew older and wiser so did my hunger for "more." I eventually moved from my home and ventured outward. By the age of nineteen I set my sights on entrepreneurship and reached for the stars. But like every great idea, I failed. Numerous times. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I was able to narrow my focus and latch onto my dreams. With a bit of wisdom from my grandparents and a strong dose of reality, I was finally able to compose my first book, Absolute Understanding. It was my first publication and it ultimately lead to the creation of Drizbits Publishing. A company dedicated to the aspirations of the dreamer. At long last, I was able to take my first steps into the world as what I aspired to be most; a brave entrepreneur. With a single belief, I will continue this journey in efforts to create a new literary world. One where new ideas can grow and thrive! "We all have a story to tell and all we need is someone to listen."

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Within every one of our books, you will find an unforgettable story and relatable characters. Themes that will question your morals and push your mind to the brink of doubt! Beneath the witty humor and fantasized plot twists, lives a degree of truth that none can deny! Start your journey and see the world through the lens of our authors!

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On The Run

     After Damian Carter’s death, a chain of events began to unfold that would rock this nation to its core. But before the dust settles, Amari joins the fight and Sasha at his side, he decides to take a stand against the evils of his past.

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